May 2019

In the tech preview, Codewind includes the following supported functions with the included extensions:

  • Create projects from templates, build, and deploy.
  • Bind to existing projects, build, and deploy.
  • View all projects, including application and build statuses.
  • Debug and incrementally update MicroProfile, Spring, and Node.js projects.
  • View application and build logs.
  • View an overview of project information.
  • Integrate validation errors into the IDE problem views.
  • Open a shell session into an application container.
  • Toggle project auto build and manually initiate project builds.
  • Disable, enable, and delete projects.
  • Launch performance metrics and load testing.

This release includes the following limitations:

  • Only the local desktop using VS Code and Eclipse and deploying to Docker Desktop is supported.
  • The release does not include Che or hosted support.
  • Only macOS is supported.

June 2019

  • Simplified, single-step installation: install the IDE extension, and activation pulls the rest as required.
  • Desktop support for Windows and Linux is included.
  • Support for Eclipse Che running on OKD and RHOS is included.
  • Two new Codewind extensions are added:
    • Appsody - Native IDE integration of Appsody for VS Code and Eclipse.
    • OpenAPI - Scaffold an application quickly from an OpenAPI definition in VS Code or Eclipse.
  • Support for multiple template repositories to allow adding Kabanero and Appsody templates to the Codewind configuration is added.
  • A Kabanero version of Che is included.
  • A new performance dashboard is added.
  • Landing page updates include a docs section and a Codewind introduction video.