Codewind 0.11.0

Friday, 17 April 2020

You might have noticed we skipped 0.10.0, but it’s because we are committed to making the best tooling available to you. Our last development cycle just needed a little more love. 💕

✨ New Features and Highlights for 0.11.0 ✨

IntelliJ Tech Preview Updates

We’ve continued to work hard on getting the IntelliJ experience up and consistent with our other IDEs. Here are the latest IntelliJ updates:

video of new feature, creating a new project with IntelliJ

Codewind Website

  • We are pleased to announce that our blogs now have a home on our website! 🏡


VS Code, Eclipse, and IntelliJ
VS Code and Eclipse Che
VS Code and Eclipse
VS Code

List of Fixes