Creating your first Codewind project with Codewind for IntelliJ

Creating your first project from a template

  1. Start IntelliJ. From the welcome page, click Create New Project. The New Project window opens.
  2. Create a Codewind project by clicking Codewind.
    • If Codewind isn’t installed yet, click Install Codewind to complete the installation.
    • If Codewind isn’t running yet, click Start Codewind. A Starting Codewind window appears.
  3. After Codewind is installed and started, click Next. A list of available templates appears.
    • Currently, IntelliJ supports only the Java language templates.
  4. Click the template of your choice. Then, click Next.
  5. Enter the Project name: field to name your project and enter the Project location: field to choose where to put it.
  6. Click Finish. A window for your project appears.
  7. IntelliJ detects a pom.xml file and asks if you want to add the file as a Maven project. In the Non-managed pom.xml file found: notification, click Add as Maven Project to create the correct project structure.
    • The Non-managed pom.xml file found: notification might disappear after some time. To create the correct project structure, go to the IntelliJ project view and right-click the pom.xml file. From the context menu, click Add as Maven Project to create the correct project structure.
  8. To access the Codewind view, click the Codewind tab. From the Codewind view, right-click your project to open an application, start a build, and more.

Creating more projects from templates

If you have an IntelliJ project already open, you can create more projects.

  1. Either go to File>New>Project… or right-click the Local node in the Codewind view.
  2. Then, click New Project… and continue with creating a Codewind project by following the steps in Creating your first project from a template.

Removing a project

  1. If you delete a project, it is removed from Codewind.
  2. However, the files remain in the file system, and you need to manually delete them.

Congratulations, you have now created, built and run your first Codewind project using Codewind on your local machine.

Next Steps

Choose from the following:

Getting started with Codewind - next steps Continue to instructions for making a code change with IntelliJ to see the auto-build-and-run feature in action.