A Factory is a template containing configuration to automate generating new Workspace with factory identifier added to IDE URL. Factories can be used to create replicas of existing workspaces or to automate the provisioning of statically or dynamically defined workspaces.

Try a Factory

Clone a public workspace on codenvy.io by clicking the button below. Try a Factory

Using Factories

Factories can be invoked from a Factory URL built in multiple ways. You can replace the localhost:8080 domain with the hostname of any Che installation.

Invoke Factory using its unique hashcode

Format /f?id={hashcode}
Sample https://localhost:8080/f?id=s38eam174ji42vty

Invoke a named Factory

Format /f?user={username}&name={factoryname}
Sample https://localhost:8080/f?user=che&name=starwars

Invoke Factory for a specific git repo

Format /f?url={git URL}
Sample http://localhost:8080/f?url=https://github.com/eclipse/che

Once the Factory is executed, it either loads an existing workspace or generates a new one, depending upon the Factory configuration. The name of the workspace is determined within the Factory configuration and its name becomes part of the URL access with the format {hostname}/{username}/{workspace}.

Next Steps

You have just created your first developer workspace using Factories. Read on to learn more about: