npm is usually configured using the npm config command, writing values to the .npmrc files. However, configuration values can also be set using the environment variables beginning with NPM_CONFIG_.

The Javascript/Typescript plug-in used in Eclipse Che does not download any artifacts. It is enough to configure npm in the dev-machine component.

Use the following environment variables for configuration:

  • The URL for the artifact repository: NPM_CONFIG_REGISTRY

  • For using a certificate from a file: NODE_EXTRA_CA_CERTS

To be able to reference the certificate in a devfile, get a copy of the certificate of the npm repository server and put it inside the /project folder.

  1. An example configuration for the use of an internal repository with a self-signed certificate:

      - mountSources: true
          - name: nodejs
            port: 3000
        memoryLimit: '512Mi'
        type: 'dockerimage'
        alias: 'nodejs'
        image: ''
          -name: NODE_EXTRA_CA_CERTS
           value: '/projects/config/tls.crt'
         - name: NPM_CONFIG_REGISTRY
           value: ''