Using the OpenShift web console to configure the CheCluster Custom Resource during installation

To deploy Che with a suitable configuration, edit the CheCluster Custom Resource YAML file during the installation of Che. Otherwise, the Che deployment uses the default configuration parameterized by the Operator.

The CheCluster Custom Resource YAML file contains sections to configure each component: auth, database, server, storage.

  • Access to an administrator account on an instance of OpenShift.

  1. In the left panel, click Operators, then click Installed Operators.

  2. On the Installed Operators page, click the Eclipse Che name.

  3. On the Operator details page, in the Details tab, click the Create instance link in the Provided APIs section.

    This navigates you to the Create CheCluster page, which contains the configuration needed to create a Che instance, stored in the CheCluster Custom Resource.

  4. On the Create CheCluster page, click YAML view.

  5. In the YAML file, find or add the property to configure. Set the property to a suitable value:

    apiVersion: org.eclipse.che/v1
    kind: CheCluster
    # ...
        # ...
          <property-to-configure>: <value>
  6. Create the eclipse-che cluster by using the Create button at the end of the page.

  7. On the Operator details page, in the Eclipse Che Cluster tab, click the eclipse-che link.

  8. Navigate to the eclipse-che instance using the link displayed under the Eclipse Che URL output.

    The installation might take more than 5 minutes. The URL appears when the Eclipse Che installation finishes.

  1. In the left panel, click Workloads, then click ConfigMaps.

  2. On the ConfigMaps page, click che.

  3. Navigate to the YAML tab.

  4. Verify that the YAML file contains the configured property and value.