Enabling DevWorkspace operator

This procedure describes how to enable the DevWorkspace operator to support the Devfile v2 file format and mentions how to do so on existing instances or those about to be installed.

  • The kubectl and chectl tools are available.

  • For a new OperatorHub installation:

    1. Enter the Eclipse Che Cluster using OpenShift Container Platform and create CheCluster Custom Resource (CR). See, Creating an instance of the Eclipse Che Operator

    2. Set the following values in eclipse-che Custom Resource (CR):

          enable: true
  • For a new chectl installation:

    1. Configure the the chectl installation using:

      $ chectl server:deploy --workspace-engine=dev-workspace ...

chectl will automatically setup Dex as the OIDC provider on Minikube. For other Kubernetes clusters setup Kubernetes OIDC provider following cluster provider documentation and set the following values in eclipse-che Custom Resource (CR):

    identityProviderURL: '<oidc_url>' (1)
1 URL to the OIDC provider.
  • For already existing Che installation:

    1. Update eclipse-che CR using the kubectl tool:

      $ kubectl patch checluster/eclipse-che -n eclipse-che --type=json -p \
      '[{"op": "replace", "path": "/spec/devWorkspace/enable", "value": true}]'
  • Before enabling DevWorkspace operator on existed Kubernetes-based Che installation, install cert-manager.

Additional resources

For information about installation methods mentioned in this chapter, see Installing Che.