Configuring Eclipse Che server hostname

This procedure describes how to configure Eclipse Che to use custom hostname.

  • The kubectl tool is available.

  • The certificate and the private key files are generated.

To generate the pair of private key and certificate the same CA must be used as for other Eclipse Che hosts.
Ask a DNS provider to point the custom hostname to the cluster ingress.
  1. Pre-create a namespace for Che:

    $ kubectl create namespace eclipse-che
  2. Create a TLS secret:

    $ kubectl create secret TLS ${secret} \  (1)
    --key ${key_file} \                       (2)
    --cert ${cert_file} \                     (3)
    -n eclipse-che
    1 The TLS secret name
    2 A file with the private key
    3 A file with the certificate
  3. Set the following values in the Custom Resource:

        cheHost: <hostname>         (1)
        cheHostTLSSecret: <secret>  (2)
    1 Custom Eclipse Che server hostname
    2 The TLS secret name

  1. If Che has been already deployed and Che reconfiguring to use a new Che hostname is required, log in using Keycloak and select the che-public client in the Che realm and update Validate Redirect URIs and Web Origins fields with the value of the Che hostname.

    keycloak che public client

    For logging in to Keycloak, follow the Logging in to Keycloak procedure.