The PostgreSQL database is used by the Che server for persisting data about the state of Che. It contains information about user accounts, workspaces, preferences, and other details.

By default, the Che Operator creates and manages the database deployment.

However, the Che Operator does not support full life-cycle capabilities, such as backups and recovery. For a business-critical setup, configure an external database with the following recommended disaster-recovery options:

  • High Availability (HA)

  • Point In Time Recovery (PITR)

Configure an external PostgreSQL instance on-premises or use a cloud service, such as Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS). With Amazon RDS, it is possible to deploy production databases in a Multi-Availability Zone configuration for a resilient disaster recovery strategy with daily and on-demand snapshots.

The recommended configuration of the example database is:

Parameter Value

Instance class





2 GB


true, 2 replicas

Engine version




Automated backups

enabled (30 days)

To make the Operator skip deploying a database and pass connection details of an existing database to a Che server using chePostgresHostName, chePostgresPort, chePostgresUser, chePostgresPassword, chePostgresDb parameters, specify the externalDb: true property in the Che Custom Resource.

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