Java Lombok

This section shows how to enable Lombok support in your Java projects. By default, the lombok.jar file is available in all Java plug-ins provided by Che.

To enable Lombok in a Che workspace, see the instructions below.

  • A workspace or a devfile with:

    • One of the Java-based plug-ins enabled (redhat/java, redhat/java11, redhat/java8, redhat/quarkus-java8 or redhat/quarkus-java11)

    • A valid Lombok project to import

  1. Open the workspace devfile.

  2. Edit the existing Java plug-in section, adding the preference:

      - id: redhat/java/latest
  1. Start or restart the workspace.

  2. Open a file containing Lombok annotations.

  3. Verify that the Class outline contains the Lombok generated methods.

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