Using npm artifact repositories

The npm (Node Package Manager) package manager for the JavaScript programming language is configured using the npm config command, by writing values to the .npmrc files. However, configuration values can also be set using the environment variables beginning with NPM_CONFIG_.

The Typescript plug-in used in Eclipse Che does not download any artifacts. It is enough to configure npm in the dev-machine component.

Use the following environment variables for configuration:

  • The URL for the artifact repository: NPM_CONFIG_REGISTRY

  • For using a certificate from a file: NODE_EXTRA_CA_CERTS

Obtain a server certificate file from the repository server. It is customary for administrators to provide certificates of internal artifact servers as Kubernetes secrets (see Importing untrusted TLS certificates to Che). The relevant server certificates will be mounted in /public-certs in every container in the workspace.

  1. An example configuration for the use of an internal repository with a self-signed certificate:

      - mountSources: true
          - name: nodejs
            port: 3000
        memoryLimit: '512Mi'
        type: 'dockerimage'
        alias: 'nodejs'
        image: ''
          -name: NODE_EXTRA_CA_CERTS
           value: '/public-certs/nexus.cer
         - name: NPM_CONFIG_REGISTRY
           value: ''