Che-Theia Troubleshooting

This section describes the most frequent issues with the Che-Theia IDE.

Che-Theia shows a notification with the following message: Plugin runtime crashed unexpectedly, all plugins are not working, please reload the page. Probably there is not enough memory for the plugins.

This means that one of the Che-Theia plug-ins that are running in the Che-Theia IDE container requires more memory than the container has. To fix this problem, increase the amount of memory for the Che-Theia IDE container:

  1. Navigate to the Che Dashboard.

  2. Select the workspace in which the problem happened.

  3. Switch to the Devfile tab.

  4. In the components section of the devfile, find a component of the cheEditor type.

  5. Add a new property, memoryLimit: 1024M (or increase the value if it already exists).

  6. Save changes and restart the workspace.

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