Adding a VS Code extension to the Che plugin registry

To use a VS Code extension in a Che workspace, Che need to consume metadata describing the extension. The Che plugin registry is a static website publishing metadata for common VS Code extensions. VS Code extension metadata for the Che plugin registry is generated from a central file named che-theia-plugins.yaml.

To add or modify an extension in the Che plugin registry, edit the che-theia-plugins.yaml file and add relevant metadata.

This article describes the steps needed to build the plugin registry with a custom plugin definition. If you are looking to create a custom meta.yaml file that can be directly referenced in a devfile, see Publishing metadata for a VS Code extension.

  • A working knowledge of customizing the registries, see Customizing the registries

  • A link to a sidecar container image, should the VS Code extension require one.

  1. Edit the che-theia-plugins.yaml file and create a new entry.

    - id: publisher/my-vscode-ext                                    (1)
      repository:                                                    (2)
        url:              (3)
        revision: 1.7.2                                              (4)
      aliases:                                                       (5)
        - publisher/my-vscode-ext-revised
      sidecar:                                                       (6)
        image:  (7)
        name: my-vscode-ext-sidecar                                  (8)
        memoryLimit: "1500Mi"                                        (9)
        memoryRequest: "1000Mi"                                      (10)
        cpuLimit: "500m"                                             (11)
        cpuRequest: "125m"                                           (12)
        command:                                                     (13)
            - /bin/sh
        args:                                                        (14)
            - "-c"
            - "./"
        volumeMounts:                                                (15)
          - name: vscode-ext-volume                                  (16)
            path: "/home/theia/my-vscode-ext"                        (17)
        endpoints:                                                   (18)
          - name: "configuration-endpoint"                           (19)
            public: true                                             (20)
            targetPort: 61436                                        (21)
            attributes:                                              (22)
              protocol: http
      extensions:                                                    (23)
1 (OPTIONAL) The ID of the plugin, useful if a plugin has multiple entries for one repository (for example, Java 8 compared to Java 11)
2 Repository information about the plugin. If ID is specified then this field is not a list element.
3 The URL to the extension’s git repository URL
4 Tag or SHA1 ID of the upstream repository that hosts the extension, corresponding to a version, snapshot, or release.
5 (OPTIONAL) An alias for this plugin: this means anything listed here will get its own meta.yaml file generated
6 (OPTIONAL) If the plugin runs in a sidecar container, then the sidecar information is specified here
7 A location of a container image to be used as this plugin’s sidecar. This line cannot be specified concurrently with directory (see above)
8 (OPTIONAL) The name of the sidecar container
9 (OPTIONAL) The memory limit of the sidecar container
10 (OPTIONAL) The memory request of the sidecar container
11 (OPTIONAL) The CPU limit of the sidecar container
12 (OPTIONAL) The CPU request of the sidecar container
13 (OPTIONAL) Definitions of root process commands inside container
14 (OPTIONAL) Arguments for root process commands inside container
15 (OPTIONAL) Any volume mounting information for the sidecar container
16 The name of the mount
17 The path of the mount
18 (OPTIONAL) Any endpoint information for the sidecar container
19 Endpoint name
20 Whether or not the endpoint is exposed publicly or not
21 The port number
22 Attributes relating to the endpoint
23 Direct link(s) to the vsix files included with this plugin. The vsix built by the repository specified, such as the main extension, must be listed first
  1. Run the script with the options of your choosing. The build process will generate meta.yaml files automatically, based on the entries in the che-theia-plugins.yaml file.

  2. Use the resulting plugin registry image in Che, or copy the meta.yaml file out of the registry container and reference it directly as an HTTP resource.