Che 7.3 introduces two registries: the plug-ins registry and the devfile registry. They are static websites where the metadata of Che plug-ins and Che devfiles is published.

The plug-in registry makes it possible to share a plug-in definition across all the users of the same instance of Che. Only plug-ins that are published in a registry can be used in a devfile.

The devfile registry holds the definitions of the Che stacks. These are available on the Che user dashboard when selecting Create Workspace. It contains the list of Che technological stack samples with example projects.

The devfile and plug-in registries run in two separate pods and are deployed when the Che server is deployed (that is the default behavior of the Che Operator). The metadata of the plug-ins and devfiles are versioned on GitHub and follow the Che server life cycle.

In this document, the following two ways to customize the default registries that are deployed with Che (to modify the plug-ins or devfile metadata) are described:

  1. Building a custom image of the registries

  2. Running the default images but modifying them at runtime