Adding support for a new debugger

This section describes how to add a new debugger into Eclipse Che.

  • Install the latest Che-Theia plug-in Yeoman generator by running the following command:

    $ npm install -g yo @theia/generator-plugin
  1. Generate a sample by running the yo @theia/plugin command. When prompted, confirm the choices for Backend plug-in, Samples, and then Debugger sample. This creates a project and a ready-to-use plug-in, which can be deployed.

  2. Replace the mock implementation of the debug adapter in the src/vscode-mockDebug.ts and src/vscode-mockRuntime.ts files with code that interacts with a real debugger or runtime.

  3. Build the plug-in by running the yarn command in the root of the project.

  4. Deploy the Che-Theia plug-in using the plug-in registry.