This section provides an overview of the main terms and expressions used throughout Eclipse Che documentation.


Eclipse Che

A developer platform for the cloud that provides an in-browser IDE. Che tools can be extended by adding development services, such as language servers, debug adapters, or editors (IDEs) packaged as containers.


The default editor component of a Che workspace. It is a Che-specific customization of the Eclipse Theia editor. Che-Theia can be extended using Che-Theia plugins, which are packaged as containers for ease of deployment and use. Che-Theia plugins are mostly compatible with Visual Studio extensions.

Che Workspace

A container-based development environment managed by Eclipse Che. Every Che workspace is defined by a devfile. A Che workspace is composed of an editor, runtime and build containers and other development tools running inside containers.



Organizations in Eclipse Che allow administrators to group Eclipse Che users and allocate resources. The system administrator controls and allocates resources and permissions within the administrator dashboard.


A web application that is used as an editor in a workspace.


Plugins are services that extend Che workspace capabilities. Che plugins are packaged as containers. Plugins are extensions of an editor or a service running in the container. For example, the Che-Theia editor is compatible with Visual Studio Code extensions. Both Che plugins and editors are distributed through the Che plugin registry.


A container based development environment managed by Eclipse Che. Every Che workspace is defined by a devfile. A Che workspace can be composed by an editor, some plugins and runtime containers. Workspace runtime containers can be defined as simple container images or as Kubernetes and OpenShift resources. A Che Workspace can be associated with source code projects hosted on a remote CVS server. A Che Workspace can contain the definition of one or more commands such as run, build, or debug.


A workspace configuration template. Devfiles are used to create workspaces in the Dashboard. A devfile includes metadata such as scope, tags, components, description, name, and identification. VS Code API is one of the plugin APIs that can be used in Theia.


A template that contains the configuration to automate the generation of a new workspace using a factory identifier or a devfile added to the URL of the IDE. Use factories to create replicas of existing workspaces or to automate the provisioning of statically or dynamically defined workspaces.


A source code repository.