Supported Restic-compatible backup servers

Che uses the Che Operator and integrated Restic to back up and restore Che instances from backup snapshots on a configured backup server. The Che Operator automates the creation of a Restic backup repository on the backup server. To back up data, the Che Operator gathers the data required for a backup snapshot and uses Restic to create and manage the snapshot. To restore data, the Che Operator uses Restic to retrieve and decrypt the snapshot, and then the Che Operator applies the retrieved data to perform the recovery.

Che can use the following backup servers that are compatible with the integrated Restic:


See the documentation for the SFTP server solution you plan to use (OpenSSH or a derived commercial product) and the Restic Docs on SFTP.

Amazon S3

See the documentation for Amazon S3 (or the chosen S3 API compatible storage) and the Restic Docs on Amazon S3.


See the README for Rest Server and the Restic Docs on Rest Server.

For testing the backing up and restoring of Che instances, Che offers the internal backup server.