Setting up a backup server

The following section describes the supported Che backup servers and provides information for their setup.

  • Eclipse Che Operator can automatically configure a backup server inside the same cluster; however, it is not recommended for production use.

  • Users who agreed to the limitations coming from the decision to back up their data inside the same Kubernetes namespace or OpenShift project as Che installation may skip this section.

Che uses the restic tool to:

  • manage backup snapshots

  • push to or to pull backup data from a backup server

    The restic backup tool is licensed under the BSD 2-Clause license.

The backup servers currently supported for Che:

The REST server is a solution designed to cooperate with the restic tool. See How to set up a REST server documentation.

Amazon S3 and API compatible alternatives

See AWS S3 Simple Storage Service Documentation or the docs of alternative services that have compatible API with AWS.


See How to configure an SFTP server or SFTP man page .