Managing backups using chectl

The following section describes how to create backups of Che installation and do recovery using chectl.

  • Eclipse Che Operator can automatically configure a backup server inside the same cluster; however, it is not recommended for production use.

  • Users who agreed to the limitations coming from the decision to back up their data inside the same Kubernetes namespace or OpenShift project as Che installation may skip this section.

Creating a new backup

  1. Create a backup and send it to the pre-configured backup server:

    $ chectl server:backup --repository-url=<repository-url>  --repository-password=<repository-password>
    • It is possible to create other backups to the same backup server using the server:backup command with no arguments.

    • After using the server:backup command with no arguments for the first time on installation of Che, an internal backup server is configured and used.

Restoring from a backup

  1. Recover the previous state of Che:

    $ chectl server:restore --repository-url=<repository-url> --repository-password=<repository-password>
    • The server:restore command can be run with no arguments when the backup server was used before.

  2. Recover from a specific snapshot by specifying its ID:

    $ chectl server:restore --snapshot-id=<snapshot-id>