Installing Image Puller on OpenShift 4 using OperatorHub

This procedure describes how to install the Kubernetes Image Puller Operator on OpenShift 4 using the Operator.

  1. To create an OpenShift project <kubernetes-image-puller> to host the Image Puller, open the OpenShift web console, navigate to the HomeProjects section and click Create Project.

  2. Specify the project details:

    • Name: <kubernetes-image-puller>

    • Display Name: <Image Puller>

    • Description: <Kubernetes Image Puller>

  3. Navigate to OperatorsOperatorHub.

  4. Use the Filter by keyword box to search for Kubernetes Image Puller Operator. Click the Kubernetes Image Puller Operator.

  5. Read the description of the Operator. Click ContinueInstall.

  6. Select A specific namespace on the cluster for the Installation Mode. In the drop-down find the OpenShift project <kubernetes-image-puller>. Click Subscribe.

  7. Wait for the Kubernetes Image Puller Operator to install. Click the KubernetesImagePullerCreate instance.

  8. In a redirected window with a YAML editor, make modifications to the KubernetesImagePuller Custom Resource and click Create.

  9. Navigate to the Workloads and Pods menu in the <kubernetes-image-puller> OpenShift project. Verify that the Image Puller is available.