Enabling the readiness init containers for the OLM installer

The readiness init containers are not enabled by default, so to use them you first have to enable them. To enable the readiness init containers for the Che installed by the OLM installer:

  • Che is installed by the OLM installer.

  1. Find the Che Operator subscription name:

    $ kubectl get subscriptions -n eclipse-che
  2. Get the CSV (Cluster Service Version) name from the Che Operator subscription:

    $ kubectl get subscription <subscription-name> -n eclipse-che -o yaml | grep installedCSV
  3. Edit the ClusterServiceVersion YAML manifest:

    $ kubectl edit csv <csv-name> -n eclipse-che
  4. Add the following environment variable to the Operator Deployment spec:

       value: "true"
  5. Wait for the Che Operator restart to finish. The restarted Operator will then continue with restarting some of its components.

Repeat these steps after each Che upgrade when a new CSV is created by OLM.