Disabling the readiness init containers for the OLM installer

To disable the previously enabled readiness init containers for the Che installed by the OLM installer:

  • Che is installed by the OLM installer.

  1. Find the Che Operator subscription name:

    $ kubectl get subscriptions -n eclipse-che
  2. Get the CSV (Cluster Service Version) name from the Che Operator subscription:

    $ kubectl get subscription <subscription-name> -n eclipse-che -o yaml | grep installedCSV
  3. Edit the ClusterServiceVersion YAML manifest:

    $ kubectl edit csv <csv-name> -n eclipse-che
  4. Remove the following environment variable from the Operator Deployment spec:

       value: "true"
  5. Wait for the Che Operator restart to finish. The restarted Operator will then continue with restarting some of its components.