DevWorkspace operator

Technology preview feature

Managing workspaces with the DevWorkspace engine is an experimental feature. Don’t use this workspace engine in production.

Known limitations

Workspaces are not secured. Whoever knows the URL of a workspace can have access to it and leak the user credentials.

The DevWorkspace operator extends Kubernetes to provide DevWorkspace support. It introduces:

DevWorkspace custom resource definition

Defines the DevWorkspace Kubernetes object from the Devfile v2 specification.

DevWorkspace controller

Creates and controls the necessary Kubernetes objects to run a DevWorkspace, such as pods, services, and persistent volumes.

DevWorkspace custom resource

On a cluster with the DevWorkspace operator, it is possible to create DevWorkspace custom resources (CR). A DevWorkspace CR is a Kubernetes representation of a Devfile. It defines a User workspaces in a Kubernetes cluster.