The OpenShift Developer Perspective enables a developer-focused view in the OpenShift 4 web console. OpenShift Developer Perspective provides a view switcher to make a transition between:

  • Administrator - The traditional administration-focused console.

  • Developer - A high-level of abstraction over Kubernetes and OpenShift components to allow developers to focus on application development.

OpenShift Developer Perspective is a default part of OpenShift Container Platform starting with version 4.2.

OpenShift Developer Perspective integration with Che

This section provides information about OpenShift Developer Perspective support for Che.

When the Che Operator is installed into OpenShift Container Platform 4.2 and later, it creates a ConsoleLink Custom Resource (CR). This adds an interactive link to the Red Hat Applications menu for accessing the Che installation using the OpenShift Developer Perspective console.

To access the Red Hat Applications menu, click the three-by-three square icon (░) on the main screen of the OpenShift web console. The Che Console Link, displayed in the drop-down menu, creates a new workspace or redirects the user to an existing one.

OpenShift Container Platform console links are not created when Che is used with HTTP resources

When installing Che with the From Git option, the OpenShift Developer Perspective ConsoleLink is only created if Che is deployed with HTTPS supported URL link. The ConsoleLink will not be created if an HTTP resource is used.

Editing the code of applications running in OpenShift Container Platform using Che

This section describes how to start editing the source code of applications running on OpenShift using Che.

  • Che is deployed on the same OpenShift 4.2 cluster or later.

  • An existing workspace in Che.

  1. Open the Topology view to list all projects.

  2. In the Select an Application search field, type workspace to list all workspaces.

  3. Click the workspace to edit.

    The deployments are displayed as graphical circles surrounded by circular buttons. One of these buttons is Edit Source Code.

    edit source code button che odp
  4. To edit the code of an application using Che, click the Edit Source Code button. This redirects to a workspace with the cloned source code of the application component.

Accessing Che from Red Hat Applications menu

This section describes how to access Che workspaces from the Red Hat Applications menu on OpenShift Container Platform.

  • The Che Operator is installed in OpenShift 4.2 or later.

  1. Open the Red Hat Applications menu by clicking the three-by-three square icon (░) in the upper right corner of the main screen.

    A drop-down menu with installed applications is displayed.

    che red hat application menu che odp
  2. Click the Che link. This creates a new workspace or redirects to an existing one. For source links pointing to publicly accessible GitHub repositories that contain a devfile.yaml file, this file is be used to configure the workspace. Otherwise, a default workspace is created.