Installing Chedir is extremely easy. Just get the Che CLI and you have everything you need to run Chedir on any operating system. Docker and Git Bash (installed by Docker) are required for the Che CLI.

Backwards Compatibility

Chedir requires Eclipse Che 4.7+. Chefiles are not supported to run on older versions of Che.


You will automatically get newer versions of Chedir when you upgrade Eclipse Che. You can upgrade Eclipse Che with the CLI by docker run -it --rm <DOCKER_PARAMETERS> eclipse/che:<version> upgrade. If you want to use a particular version of Chedir you can set CHE_VERSION as an environment variable and Chedir will use that particular version. You can run multiple versions of Chedir at the same time.

From Source

Chedir is provided as a Docker container which you can run instead of using the CLI. The CLI captures your environmental information and invokes the container with the appropriate syntax.

# Mac / Linux
docker run -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
           -v "$PWD":"$PWD" --rm eclipse/che-dir \
           $PWD <init|up>

# Windows
# Replace $PWD to be the absolute path to the current directory.
# Use case-sensitive format with forward slashes: /c/Users/some_path/

Build Chedir Docker Container

You can build Chedir Docker Container by using the following commands:

git clone
cd che/dockerfiles/dir


You can remove Chedir by deleting the Chedir docker image from your system.

docker rmi -f eclipse/che-dir

Remove Che

If you’d also like to remove the Che CLI and Che:

# Remove the Che container
docker rmi -f eclipse/che-server

# Remove your workspaces and the CLI

# Linux / Mac
rm -rf /usr/local/bin/che

# Windows
rmdir /s %CHE_DATA_FOLDER%
del che.bat