A big thank you to the speakers, Eclipse Foundation, our contributors, and the open source community for making our first CheConf a huge success.
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3000 Github Stars

4700+ GitHub Stars

Thank you for the love! The Che GitHub repo is now a featured showcase and frequently one of the fastest growing Java projects. We are getting 50 new GitHub issues / week. Let's keep collaborating together.

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EclipseCon 2016 Keynote

A Next-Gen Eclipse IDE

At EclipseCon 2016, we announced the initial release. We hosted multiple talks on Che with the most popular being related to customizing Eclipse Che and using Flux to set up pairing sessions with the Eclipse IDE.

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Track Our Progress

Track Our Progress

We have setup a new blog that tracks the conversations around the community. Follow us on Twitter as we post the latest updates. If you want to chat live, join our IRC channel and che-dev mailing list.

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Share Your Eclipse Che Story

Are you using Eclipse Che to build your project? Share your story with us and we will publish it on our blog.

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Get Involved

Issues and feature requests are filed on Che's GitHub repository. Please check the issue backlog and documentation before opening an issue. Plug-in developers should join the mailing list.

Commercial and Enterprise Support

To discuss commercial support options for Eclipse Che, please contact us at: .