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What is CheConf?

CheConf is a virtual conference covering topics related to Eclipse Che and cloud development. We started CheConf in 2016 because with hundreds of thousands of Eclipse Che users around the world, we wanted to make sure that anyone, anywhere can experience this event.

How does a virtual user conference work?

CheConf works much like a regular conference - we have a set agenda and speakers, with sessions that you can attend from your computer. On the day of the conference, you simply click on the session you want to attend, and you will be connected to the live stream. There will be an opportunity for you to live chat and ask questions with the Che maintainers and other virtual conference attendees. After the event is over the sessions will be posted to YouTube for repeat viewing!

How many sessions can I attend?

As many as you like. We want you to experience CheConf your way. You can stay connected all day, or you can pop in and out of the sessions you want to attend.

How can I get involved?

Eclipse Che is an open source project so it needs the power of the community to succeed. Being a Che user and advocate and sharing experiences with your peers is the best way to help keep Che growing. We love when people write blogs, tweet and make contribution to the Che project.

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