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CBI Downloads

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This is a high-level page for all CBI component downloads and software sites, when there are any for a component.

The Eclipse Standard Shared License

There is no download, per se, in CBI for the Shared License but instead there is a p2 software repository:
That p2 repository can be used in targets or prereq repositories for builds to get the appropriate standard version of the Eclipse Foundation Software User Agreement that is required to be built into features.

CBI p2repo Aggregator

IDE: For installation into IDEs, start a development IDE based on a Oxygen (2017) level Platform (Platform 4.7.x) and use the software repository at

Headless: To use the Headless CLI version of the CBI aggregator, you can use the p2Director to create a product from the headless update site at

For Photon level development environments, the correct repository to use it the "4.8" level, namely, or

For convenience, you can download the most recent "pre-built" CLI products.

For more detail, see the CBI Aggregator Manual

CBI p2repo Analyzer

Similar to the CBI Aggregator (but with just one repository) you can install into a Oxygen based IDE, or create a headless product. The repository URL is
Or, as above, you can use the latest pre-build p2analyze products.

For more detail, see the wiki page for CBI p2repo Analyzers.