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BPEL M4 information

What's in M4 ?

This is an interim release for a bunch of bug fixes and some new features. It includes most (if not all) of the bug fixes contributed by the JBoss Riftsaw and BPEL team (thanks guys!)

According to the milestone plan we now have the ability to deploy to ODE as well as Riftsaw runtimes, although the deployment classes were coded before the WTP deployment framework was completed. See here for more info. We are working on this and should have a working and tested patch soon.
Development and design work on process debugging has still not begun and may not be available until the 1.0 release or later.

Here is a complete list of bug fixes and features that have been added since M3.

The BPEL "New File" Wizard has been enhanced to allow specification of a SOAP or HTTP service endpoint, which generates the <service> and <binding> elements in the WSDL artifact. See here for details.

A new Property Sheet Tab has been added for the Process and Activities. This tab displays a list of all namespaces and namespace prefixes that are in-scope. Missing namespace prefixes can also be assigned here. See here for details.

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