Changeable Production To Enable Profitable Lot Size 1

Current production industry is designed for large lot sizes. Due to the shorter product lifecycles, manufacturing industry needs to shift its focus. Rapidly changing market requirements demand efficient changeable production processes. Furthermore, customers are increasingly attracted to tailored products that yield a much higher value creation than mass-produced goods. A major challenge for process changes is the necessary reprogramming of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). PLCs implement automation programs that execute pre-programmed sequences, optionally supporting a pre-defined amount of flexibility. The lack of a defined process model causes side-effects when PLC programs are changed, causing expensive down times for testing and fixing.

Eclipse BaSyx introduces service oriented programming for devices. PLC controllers implement real-time production services, an orchestrator controls service invocation, e.g. based on a recipe. This explicit process modeling enables rapid changes and removes side effects. BaSyx introduces the required interoperability and abstraction with the concept of the Asset Administration Shell and service interfaces. Through the standardization inherent in the Asset Administration Shell, devices may be replaced by another device with equal service interfaces, without having to change the plant application.