Isolating problems running the AspectJ browser

If you have problems with the browser not solved by the documentation, please try to see if you have the same problems when running ajc directly on the command line.

Known issues with the AspectJ browser

For the most up-to-date information on known problems, see the bug database for unresolved compiler bugs or IDE bugs .

  • Memory and forking: Users email most about the browser task running out of memory. This is not a problem with the browser; some compiles take a lot of memory, often more than similar compiles using javac. The browser does not support forking, so the only solution is to edit the java command line or script that launches the browser to add memory.

  • Editing build configuration files: this is not currently supported.

  • The structure model is incomplete after incremental compiles. To get a complete structure model requires a full build.

  • If you change the output directory, you must do a full build.


  • The AJBrowser expects the package and directory structure to match. If they do not it will be unable to browse to the corresponding file.

  • The "Run" feature launches applications in the same VM. As a result, if a Swing application is disposed the AJBrowser will be disposed as well.

AspectJ Browser questions and bugs

You can send email to (Do join the list to participate!) We also welcome any bug reports, patches, and feature requests; you can submit them to the bug database at using the AspectJ product and IDE component.