Building Programs

Build Configurations

A build configuration is a set of files to compile for a program (and optionally some additional compile arguments). Because ajc requires all sources to be specified (at least using the -sourceroots option), most users create .lst files that list the files to compile (one argument per line, globbing permitted - for more details, see The ajc Command-line Reference).

To work with a particular program, select the corresponding ".lst" build configuration file from the GUI using the File menu, "open" item, or by using the "Open Build Configuration" button (). You can populate the build list from the command line by passing any number of ".lst" paths. (However, if you pass in any non-".lst" arguments, it will run the command-line compiler directly.)

To switch between build configurations, select, add, or remove them using the corresponding toolbar buttons.

Global build options are stored in an .ajbrowser file in your HOME directory. Edit these from the GUI by clicking the "Options" button or selecting the Tools menu item "Options...". This is how to set classpath, aspectpath, etc.

The following sections walk through a build.

Compiling a Program Build Configuration

To compile click the "Build" button (), or or use the tools menu.

You may select from different build configurations in the GUI (see label 1 in the graphic below). (If you get classpath or other errors, set up the global build options as described above.)