APP4MC-based project accepted for Google Summer of Code 2017

Mustafa Ozcelikors and his Mentor Robert Hoettger, have been accepted for participation in this year’s Google Summer of Code. Their project, A4MCAR: A Distributed and Parallel Demonstrator for Eclipse APP4MC will explore different software distribution scenarios along with APP4MC regarding timing and energy efficiency, concurrency issues, and system behaviour on a remote controlled car.

The remote controlled car and its functionality have been part of the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts research curriculum in conjunction with the AMALTHEA4public project. The A4MCAR graphically presents results of optimization experiments e.g. in terms of APP4MC’s partitioning and mapping configurations. Therefore, the A4MCAR requires a sophisticated hardware and software architecture as well as advanced functionalities through the Raspberry Pi 3 including a touchscreen display, image processing, and sensor aided driving.

Planned software improvements include developing low-level drivers for the XMOS Explorer-Kit multi-core microcontroller and high-level applications for the Raspberry Pi 3 as well as distributing scripts and code snippets to support the community with easier tracing, system management and evaluation options. The project will use the modeling functionality of APP4MC to plan and evaluate affinity-constrained parallel software distributions.

The results will be part of the APP4MC examples downloads, so watch this space for updates! org.eclipse.app4mc.examples.git