AJDT 2.2.1 - New and Noteworthy

Overview AJDT 2.2.1 is a service refresh and contains a post 1.7.1 dev build of AspectJ as well as some bug fixes. See the downloads page for information on how to install this release.

ITDs and inline renaming Due to a bug, it was not possible to do renaming of local variables inside of types with ITDs applied to them. This is now fixed. Additionally, it is now possible to perform inline renaming of local variables inside of ITDs themselves.

AspectJ 1.7.1 AJDT 2.2.1 includes a dev build of AspectJ with version See the release notes for 1.7.1 for more information. This is a link to actual AspectJ version available in this AJDT release.

Bug Fixes Some of the notable bug fixes in this release are:
  • Bug 384434: Content-type default encoding is ignored
  • Bug 384314: Rename local variable refactoring preview doesn't understand ITDs
  • Bug 386859: Syntax highlighting of @constructor in declare annotation not working
See bugzilla for a list of all bugs addressed in this release.

Previous Releases See here for information on the new features in AJDT 2.2.0.

Thanks! Thanks for community help and feedback during this release cycle. You can contact the AJDT team on the mailing list, and raise bugs on bugzilla. We also lurk on the AspectJ users list, and on the SpringSource Tool Suite forum.