AJDT 2.0.2 - New and Noteworthy

Overview This point release of AJDT contains a number of bug fixes, and a few new features. Most importantly, AJDT 2.0.2 includes AspectJ 1.6.7a that provides significantly faster compilation, binary weaving, and load-time weaving. See the release notes for more information.

AspectJ-aware PDE Headless builds AJDT now provides plug-in development tools for running AspectJ-aware headless builds. This new feature, AJDT Plugin Development Tools, is available as an optional feature from the AJDT update site.

See Eclipsepedia for more some documentation on how to create AspectJ PDE headless builds. And see Bug 252641 for historical information on this feature.

Pointcut matching timers How long is ajc (the AspectJ compiler) taking to match your pointcuts? Are your pointcuts poorly written and slowing down incremental builds? Now you can find out. AJDT will display AspectJ's pointcut timing information when properly configured. For more information, see the blog.

Non-blocking Update AJ Markers Updating AspectJ markers (advice markers, ITD markers, etc.) will never block the UI. See Bug 289778 for more information.

AJDT and Buckminster AJDT is now compatible with headless Buckminster builds. See Bug 297713 for more details on how to use AJDT and Buckminster together.

AspectJ 1.6.7 AJDT 2.0.2 contains AspectJ 1.6.7a. This version is also available for download separately. See the release notes here.

AspectJ 1.6.7 includes some radical internal changes. These improvements enable faster compilation, faster binary weaving, faster load time weaving and in some situations faster generated code.

Bug Fixes See Bugzilla for a list of bugs addressed in this release.

Thanks! Thanks to those of you who have submitted patches, bug reports, and contributed on the mailing list for this release. We appreciate your help. Specifically, patches for this release are:

Previous Releases See here for information on the new features in AJDT 2.0.1.