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[wtp-dev] Minutes of the WTP Development Status Telecon, 2005-09-08

Kathy Chan, Chris Brealey, Jeffrey Liu, David Williams, Larry Dunnell, Sheila Sholars, Chuck Bridgham, John Lanuti, Amy Wu, Nitin Dahyabhai, Phil Avery, Der-Ping Chou, Ted Bashor, Konstantin Komissarchik , Rob Frost, Naci Dai, Lawrence Mandel


1. WTP 0.7.1 Status - Jeffrey Liu

Jeff:         1)Some plugins had the wrong version numbers. I've corrected them.
       2) Some plugins were branched for non-maintenance fixes. I will contact the individual developers about this.

        The maintenance stream is pretty much done.

        Last week someone asked for a fix for a bug 107680 on the mailing list.
David: Comments said this is usability not blocking. I think it should be fixed in 1.0, not maintenance.

Jeff: Last week we identified bugs to fix. Some of these bugs don't yet have a fix. When should the deadline be for fixes?
David: I think we should work backwards from when Eclipse 3.1.1 will be declared. The deadline should be a week of so before.
Jeff: The deadline to fix bugs for the maintenance release will be Sept. 23.

        The maintenance stream is still building on top of 3.1. I think we should move up as they have a stable maintenance build.
Naci: With the existing build I don't think we can have separate builders for maintenance and 1.0 builds. We should have the new build working by this weekend.
Jeff: Let's hold off on the update until next week.

David: I looked at bugzilla's targeted to 0.7.1 and there are still 20 bugs open. I suspect half need to be triaged correctly. We should clean this list up.
[action] David will take a look and correct bugs.

Ted: Is the idea that language packs will be folded back into 1.0 line?
Jeff: The way the platform handles language packs is when they get a contribution they will make it available from the download site. The language packs are not checked into CVS or with the build. Currently language packs for WTP target 0.7.1 and there's no plan at the moment to do another translation pass for WTP 1.0.

2. WTP 1.0 M8 Status - David Williams

David: I-builds are running well. JUnits are passing. A reminder for all teams that any code you want in the weekly I-build needs to be in by Thursday noon so the build can be declared on Friday. There shouldn't normally be any code changes between Thursday noon and Friday noon.

        We have one week of dev left for M8 which will be declared on the 23rd. Any big code changes should be made by noon on the 15th. The I-build will be on the 16th.

        Everyone should update your test plans. Sept. 19-22 will be testing for M8, only blocking defects can be fixed.

Ted: What are big ticket items for this milestone?
David: SSE is cleaning up the code and getting ready to declare API. Amy recently sent a document to the dev list. Next week we're planning on renaming from internal provisional. Nitin has been working on getting rid of our viewer selection manager. We're doing some work on our editing models. We're not at a point to move from provisional but we're making progress.
Ted: Ted Carrol is working on some _expression_ language support for WTP. I'll check with him and ensure he's keeping you posted.
Chuck: We're going to get the J2EE core model API out. This will be the only API we release this milestone. We're cleaning up other API as well. Our biggest thing for M8 is project features support. We also have various clean-up and defect fixes. I sent a doc to mailing list about update with platform.
Ted: What will virtual project support be in 1.0?
Chuck: All internal. I'll release a plan for 1.0 once we have it nailed down. Most of the changes won't be available until 3.2 time frame but flexibility exposed to the user won't change.
Chris: Are you looking at making changes in API in M8?
Chuck: We're in investigation mode at this point. Ted, can you add your items to the milestone plan?
Ted: Sure but I think we should talk about them first.
[action] Chuck and Ted to discuss milestone plan.
Naci: EJB component: 40 defects in bugzilla that will be cleared by M8. M9, major additions including EJB annotation properties and prefs per project. CMP wizard will be added as well as a XDoclet extension point for servers.
Der-Ping: M8 and M9 data only has defect fixes.
Tim: Server has minor features requests and bugs including feature support. Likely not to change server API for M8. Still work to do to get rid of .deployables dir.
Chris: I'd be sceptical about making a change that affects many teams next week.
Tim: We'll leave both ways so we don't break anyone.
David: Another option is to stop M8 work early and start M9 work early.
Chris: WS mostly bug fixes. Working on features for the ws framework. Whatever we do there will be early stubbed out, non-functional API that won't replace any existing stuff.
Craig: M8 is bug fixes. M9 looking at performance fixes and API work. We won't be adding new function or features until post 1.0.
Lawrence: Help docs are in the M8 build. This will be what we release as an update for 0.7.

Konstantine: Features framework for integration with runtimes is in CVS but is not in the build. I'm not sure of the timing for releasing this. I haven't received any feedback on the runtime bit. This probably won't be in time for M8.
Chuck: I don't know when the right time is. It can go in the build today. Right now it isn't really integrated but works stand-alone. Are there any other opinions?
Naci: If is doesn't show up in main tools or APIs and is building properly I don't see a problem having it in the build today.
Chuck: We can talk about this later.
Ted: There was one comment on the bugzilla about naming features term. If someone has a good alternate suggestion we can try and put that in and refactor things. We're not going to react until we have a good alternate suggestion.
[action] Ted will schedule a follow on meeting for feature proposal. The meeting will walk through the proposal. Ted will setup two calls. 1) Open call for review and 2) open house.
David: In light of this action I'd like to suggest this doesn't go in the build this week.

3. WTP 1.0 Milestone Plans - All Component Leads

All components leads to report on the status of their milestone plans. Identify any APIs that are planned to be finalised. Open bugs and enhancement requests for all line items and target them for the appropriate milestones.

Note - the Web site will be reorganized soon to simplify the maintenance of the milestone plans. Watch for a proposal.

David: M8 done. Part of M9 done.
Chuck: M8 and M9 have been created. There is not a lot of detail in M9 yet.
Sheila: M8 done. M9 will be similar to M8.
Tim: M8 and M9 are there but not enough content. I need to do more work.
Chris: Milestone plans complete.
Craig: Halfway through M8 and M9 plans.
Lawrence: M8 posted, M9 in progress.

4. Other Business - Open

No other business discussed.

Lawrence Mandel

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