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[ve-dev] Re: Future of VE

Hi Philippe,

1) Nightly builds make sense, though we might want to adjust that based on actvity. At my day job, we use a Cruise Control build server with a web front end, which allows anyone who is authorized to schedule a build. I think it would be best to set up something like that - regular builds as well as on-demand. I'm not sure how much work it will be to set it up, but hopefully, it won't take too long.

2) I appreciate your offer to help with getting the builds going. I found a couple of documentation pages that helped me identify my primary problems, but may still need help. I had planned to ping Nick Boldt anyway since he handles a much more complex build than that of VE.

3) I agree that committer calls and IRC or similar would be a good idea. My only issue is that my availability is limited for IRC since my day job blocks all IM traffic (I'm on US Pacific time zone). My best times are early morning and late evening.

4) Bug triage would be a good idea; I would particularly like to measure the number and severity of the bugs in areas of the code where we would be better off replacing them.

5) I also agree regarding the remote VM - we should be able to use a single remote VM and update its contents on demand. If the remote VM ran Equinox as a basis, we could configure it to dynamically load and unload plugins via remote provisioning.

There are a lot of other improvements that can be made, so I'm glad to see this momentum forming around VE. Also, Chris Aniszczyk is trying to build up some interest in focusing the next bug day on VE.
Thanks Chris!

- Steve Robenalt

ve-dev-request@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 08:17:39 -0700
From: "Philippe Ombredanne" <pombredanne@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: RE: Future of VE was [[ve-dev] Re: ve-dev Digest, Vol 31,
	Issue 1]
To: "'Discussions people developing code for the Visual Editor
	project'"	<ve-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: 'Nick Boldt' <codeslave@xxxxxxxxxx>, 'Erik Hecht'
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Hi Steve:
And thank you for your detailed answer!
> I have spent a lot of the time since the last CVS checkin on issues > related to the build of VE, to ongoing testing, and to > building a deeper understanding of VE internals to resolve some
> problems. I'm in the process of preparing a VE 1.3.0 download page,
which will be a
> milestone build, rather than a true release. It will be usable with > Europa, but as my platforms for testing are limited, I'd like to get > some feedback on its current state before deciding how much > additional work is necessary before it can be considered
release-ready. To this
> end, if anyone is able to give it a serious workout on a Linux or Mac > platform and post feedback here, it would be very helpful to me.
I think we should realease nightlies or weeklies, vene before promoting to a misletone so that folks can tests it. As far as building in concerned this is an area where I am comfortable, and Nick Boldt may be able to chip in a bit too too.
> Since you have already contacted me separately regarding becoming a > committer, I know you are interested in helping.
Of course! There is alareday a ptach and a link to a build there: It includes the patch contributed by Erik Hecht (Erik btw, could you subcribe to this list and create a bugzilla account
> For those subscribing to this list, the project could use additional
committers to
> help move it along at a faster pace.
I think that getting back in a groove of making frequent builds available (at the minimum monthly, to be not too ambitious) , getting some scheduled committers calls and IRC meetings, and starting to do some serious triage on the bugs could go a long way.
> In particular, since I was unable to commit > to the Europa release based on build issues at the time, I'd like to > make sure that VE stands a good chance of making it into the Ganymede > release train.
Once again this an area where help is readily avaialble.
> There are lots of things that need to be done, > and since my day job doesn't include developing VE, I need to do my
work in
> evening and weekend time, so it doesn't go as quickly as I would like.
same here, and I think that getting an all volunteer project roaster is a true blessing.
> There are many other uses to which VE could be put based on the > appropriate level of community involvement - anyone who would like to > step up and help would be welcome. If you are interested, > please respond to this mailing list (rather than directly to me) and
I'll do
> my best to monitor the list and respond in a timely fashion.
As I said, I am interested. Erik stated to me he was too. So has Nick and a few others. There are also a few smaller improvements that could go a long long way in making VE better. One is getting rid of the multi-VM-one-per-editor architecture to get to something slimmer and less resource hungry.
> Many of the  historic VE committers have other responsibilities these
days and can't devote
> the time the project needs, so it is a good time for the community to
step up. Exactly. I am aalso trying to reach out to companies that have adopted VE in their products. They would have a vested interest in the project health. Companies like Canoo and Nokia come to mind. There must be many more. Many linux and eclipse distro shipped VE, and I have been and will continue shipping VE in EasyEclipse at the minimum.
-- Cheers Philippe

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