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[tcf-dev] Hudson instance per project for TCF and TM

Hi All,
Dave D. asked me last week to look into getting a separate Hudson instance for TM.
According to, HIPP instances are recommended for those projects who prefer flexibility and convenience with their CI system, perhaps at the expense of security and webmaster support.

What I like about HIPP:
1) Flexibility(we can have additional plugins, we can create jobs ourselves, it can be configured to write into a project's downloads area and can be given write access to the code repository for automatic tagging of builds);
2) Gerrit verification job can be migrated there (right now it's running in sandbox which seems to be going away some time soon).

What I am concerned about:
It is not entirely clear for me if it's possible to run UI tests on HIPP (wiki page mentions that shared instance is recommended for running all the tests) and I don't really want to split our jobs into separate build job and test job.

What do you think? Do we want a HIPP or not? 

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