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Re: [sapphire-dev] Should delete action bring up a confirmation dialog?

No confirmation dialog. We don’t use them anywhere else in Sapphire UI for delete action. The diagram UI isn’t any different. User can always choose not to save their changes if they goofed somehow (not limited to delete).
From general UI usability perspective, confirmation dialogs are bad. They are both intrusive in the work flow and ineffective. Since most actions are intentional, once the brain gets accustomed to seeing the confirmation dialog, a coping mechanism develops. The user no longer sees the dialog and automatically dismisses it. In cases of a mistaken action, the confirmation dialog is already dismissed by the time the mistake is registered.
The real solution for the problem of user mistakes, is source control, local history, undo, etc.
- Konstantin
Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2012 11:05 AM
Subject: [sapphire-dev] Should delete action bring up a confirmation dialog?

Currently invoking the delete action in either Sapphire Diagram editor or Sapphire Form editor doesn’t require a confirmation dialog.  In Sapphire diagram editor, deleting a node would also delete the attached connections.  Since we don’t have undo/redo support yet, this could be quite problematic if user accidentally hits the “del” key.


So should we bring up a confirmation dialog before executing the delete action?



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