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Re: [riena-dev] Navigation Assembly typeId

Simple Rules:

1. TypeIds have to unique over the whole application
2. TypeIds are never concatinated
3. TypeIds are actually keys in a hashmap.
4. You can have only one typeId for a node in the assembly no matter which type the node has (modulegroup, module, submodule etc.)
6. Typeids have to be unique in the same way also in the life tree at runtime with the exception that you can have 2 typeids with the same value if it has different instance ids. InstanceIds are used to distinguish different nodes with the same typeid but for different data (different customers)

It all boils down to the navigate method. Navigate takes a typeid and optionally an instanceid. Navigate has to find the node no matter where it is located in the application (whether it already exists or has to be created)

Does that answer all your questions ?


Am 23.08.2009 um 15:52 schrieb ekke:

given the following structure:

* Subapplication:
  typeId: my.subapplication.demo
** assembly:
   id: my.modulegroup.person.assembly
   parentTypeId: my.subapplication.demo
*** modulegroup:
      typeId: my.modulegroup.person
**** module:
         typeId: my.module.person.employee
****** submodule:
             typeId: my.submodule.person.employee.driver
             view: .....
             controller: .......

how is the typeId used ?
have I do provide a typeId at each level ?
have these typeId to be unique over the whole running app, the subapp, the assembly or only inside the node ?
will Riena concat the typeId to get the path to the node ? then I could shorten the Id's

thanks for some info



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