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RE: [equinox-dev] Commit rights for Rafael Chaves have been expired

AFAIK there are no special rights or priveleges associated with Emeritus status.  It is more a recognition of the contributions made.  Otherwise former committers would just drop off the face of the project.  The concept is new.  See




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Just out of curiosity, what does Committer Emeritus mean? Does this give them discounts at EclipseCon or anything? I haven't seen this term before... (but I think it's a cool idea to honour ex-committers who made significant contributions)

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[equinox-dev] Commit rights for Rafael Chaves have been expired


eclipse.equinox Committers,
Jeff McAffer has expired the commit rights for Rafael Chaves (rchaves).
The reason for this change is:

Unfortunately, after talking with Rafael it turns out that he is no longer
able to contribute to Equinox.  In recognition of his various contributions
he is being added to the Committer Emeritus list.  Thanks!

To honor Rafael Chaves's contributions to the project, Jeff McAffer has
nominated Rafael Chaves for Committer Emeritus status.

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