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[equinox-dev] JAAS code approved


After talking with Janet yesterday/today, the blockage around the JAAS code CQ has been cleared and you are now ok to put the code mentioned in CQ 1549 in the Equinox incubator CVS repo.  Woohoo!  Congratulations and thanks for your patience.

Please work with Oleg and the Equinox community (likely via equinox-dev) to ensure the code gets in, in the right place/form and is widely publicized as being available.  In particular, it would be good if you can reach out to Neil Bartlett (EclipseJAAS) and the others who have expressed interest/expertise in this area to get some review and look for opportunities for better, deeper integration and addressing further usecases.

Please also ensure that the website and wikis are updated.  The Security workarea information seems a bit dated and does not have highlevel items pointing one in the direction of your latest work.  The website does not point to the wiki.  it would be great if the wiki/web (likely wiki) had "how to" guides for using this new function, wiki pages with JAAS, JCA, ... in the title would be good, etc.

Anyway, this is great!  There will be alot of people very excited about this.


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