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[eclipse-dev] Review request flag

I just wanted to point out the new flag fields in bugzilla for those who aren't aware of it.  Now that we're in the end-game, and all fixes require review, this is an ideal tool to help teams track the review process. It works as follows:

1) The person asking for a review sets the "review" flag to "?", and adds an email address of the person who they want to conduct the review (bugzilla calls it the "requestee").

-> Bugzilla will send an email to that person asking them to review the bug.

2) After the reviewer reviews the fix, they change the review flag from "?" to either "+" (approved) or "-" (not approved).

-> Bugzilla sends an email back to the person who asking for the review, telling them the result.

Once you start using these flags, you can then do bugzilla queries to help you manage the bugs being reviewed/released. In the boolean charts section of the query page, use "Flag is equal to review+" to search for bugs that have been reviewed. For example, here is a query of all bugs marked RC1 that have been reviewed and FIXED:

Similarly, use "Flag is equal to review?" for bugs awaiting review, and "Flag is not equal to review+" for bugs that have not been reviewed.  This is useful to help you manage your review queue, and verify that everything has been reviewed.

Attached is a screen shot showing the flags on the bugzilla page.

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