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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF/Mylyn bridge

Hi Remy,

This sounds really cool.  Looking forward to trying it.

Remy Chi Jian Suen wrote:
Hi all,

After spending some time hacking on code yesterday and today, I've got
a simplistic ECF/Mylyn bridge going that allows one user to send
another person a task through the datashare APIs. The other user will
get a notification on the bottom right hand corner notifying them of
the incoming task. Clicking on it will activate the task. If no action
is taken, the popup will disappear after five seconds. Any task that
has been received will be retrievable from the bottom left hand
corner. If you click on it, it will be activated, and subsequently
removed from said queue. The current idea is to show the first five
tasks and then have a sixth menu item to let the user view all
received tasks to pick and choose (in a similar manner to the dropdown
button of launch configurations).

One issue I had was over how could I ensure that my bundle was started
before any XMPP containers had connected. I ended up creating a noop
IECFStart implementation although this just sounds like a major hack.

Yes, I agree this is not ideal. I'm not sure what to do about this, however, given the lazy start nature of Eclipse/OSGi.
Anyway, the UI is (obviously) not set, so please feel free to give suggestions.

Listed below are some bugs that should be of your interest.

195737 - Provide ability to export/import task context via ECF communications
This is the main bug that this bridge work revolves around.

209327 - [api] add additional IO support to import/export of tasks
This is a request to the Mylyn team to provide a more flexible api for
importing and exporting their tasks.

177974 - [Workbench] provide desktop notification popup
This is an rfe to standardize some kind of a notification popup at the
Platform/UI level.

207706 - [xmpp] XMPPContainers are not registered as IPresenceServices
This is a bug/request on our side to have XMPP IContainers be
registered and exposed as an OSGi service.

I don't know what to call this plug-in. I'm thinking just
org.eclipse.ecf.mylyn.ui if nobody cares.

I do care :)...I think this is fine. I don't see any particular problems with it. Where in CVS area were you thinking? Obviously this plugin depends upon some mylyn I would like to also get a project set together that includes the necessary mylyn plugin projects to build/run.

I will commit it to CVS once
207706 has been approved as the UI is too unwieldy otherwise due to
having to manually attach listeners.

I haven't myself yet had a chance to review patch for 207706 but will try to do so within a day or two. Others also please review as well if you have the opportunity.

Thanks much...I think this is a very cool direction. Will be particularly nice for the Eclipse demo camps coming up.

BTW, I've been making some changes/simplifications of the existing collab plugin, to allow context menu contributions for immediately sharing text selections in text editors, java editors, manifest editors, etc. I'll send out/post to wiki some screen shots tonight (Sat).


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