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RE: [dtp-pmc] Stepping aside as PMC chair

Linda, Sheila,

Thank you for kind comments and the votes confirming Brian. With a 3/0/0
vote of the DTP PMC, Brian Fitzpatrick has been elected as the next DTP PMC
chair. I will forward this result to the EMO for processing.

John Graham
Eclipse Data Tools Platform PMC Chair
Staff Software Engineer, Sybase, Inc.

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John, Linda,

The Lead PMC position is a critical role as evidenced by John's significant
contributions and evangelism. I believe Brian Fitzpatrick is a good choice
for DTP PMC lead. I'm also pleased to know that Sybase will have a senior
director on the board and Brian will report to him, hopefully allowing
Brian the time required to lead. That sounds promising.

IBM is very much vested in and committed to Eclipse. If at some point we
decide that having a PMC co-chair is a feasible approach, IBM would
certainly step up. But at this point, I feel that keeping Sybase as lead
could benefit them and strengthen their commitment.

I'll encourage our team to welcome both Brian and Soma and enlighten Soma
to the benefits of a strong Eclipse strategy.

IBM Silicon Valley Laboratory
Data Tools AD Team Lead/Integration Architect
(408)463-2347, TL 8-543-2347

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+1 to welcome Brian Fitzpatrick to be the PMC lead.  I look forward to
working with Brian in his new role.

Also thanks again to John for your leadership in growing DTP to become a
vibrant community in the last 3 years.  Your commitment and continued
support to DTP are most appreciated.


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Since I have decided to pursue other opportunities, I will relinquish my
chair of the DTP PMC effective after Friday, April 4th. I intend to
continue serving on the PMC to help in the transition and in a role to
be determined going forward. I hereby nominate Brian Fitzpatrick
(Sybase) to be the next PMC chair. Brian is well known to the DTP
community and has been instrumental in our success since the beginning.
More recently he has assumed leadership of the Connectivity subproject,
and has been doing an excellent job in that position. I am confident he
will be a fine PMC chair, and I ask for your support of this nomination.

Please reply to this thread with your vote. Only after I receive votes
from the rest of the PMC can I proceed with the next steps.

John Graham
Eclipse Data Tools Platform PMC Chair
Staff Software Engineer, Sybase, Inc.

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