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[dsdp-pmc] Trip report: Eclipse Council Meetings



Here’s a high-level summary from the council meetings this week.  Official notes will be posted here ( by the moderators in a few days.


A couple of important action items for DSDP:

·         We need to have a conversation soon about which projects want to be in the Europa release (June 07).  Incubation projects will be allowed in the release, but there will be work required for build coordination, update sites, and other misc items.  So it’s important to understand what you’re signing up for.  Please reply with your interest in participating.

·         We will need to refresh our project plans and make sure we are adequately represented in the Themes and Priorities document (see below).  I took a first pass based on what I know from the projects, but I will need help from all of you to edit the content.

·         We should start thinking about EclispeCon 2007 and what we’d like to cover.





Tues:  Requirements Council


  • Discussion on the role and activities of RC.
  • Discussion about Strategic member influence and communication to the Foundation and Projects.  Drafted a presentation template for communication of Strategic Membership needs to the wider community.
  • Themes and Priorities planning for the next Eclipse Release in Jun 07.


Wed:  Plenary (all Councils and Board)


  • Review of the IP due diligence process and the latest flowchart for getting code reviewed.  Discussion about complexity and problems projects are having with the process.
  • EclipseCon 2007 update
    • Call for papers will open soon.
    • Each top level project will have an allocation of long/short/tutorial slots.  There is also a Mobile track (intended to cover mobile device issues.)  I think we will have influence on the content in both tracks.
  • Eclipse summit in Germany – October  11-12
  • Requirements council update to the rest of the group
  • IBM presentation on Internationalization
    • Most important take-away:  they are no longer going to do it by themselves for the Eclipse projects they use.  They are looking to start a translation project that multiple companies will contribute to.


Wed: Architectural Council


Michael Scharf will provide an update.


Thurs:  Planning Council


·         Callisto (June 06 train release) post-mortem

o        Good points:  Good coordination of projects, good planning process, bug contest, on-time release

o        Improvements:  Need better clarity on responsibilities for individual projects, better scheduling of the ramp down, better voting process on changes to the train

·         Planned Callisto maintenance updates

o        Coordinated updates planned for Sept 06 and Jan 07.

·         Europa (June 07 train release)

o        More projects will be able to participate, including DSDP

o        Milestone planning in July.  Project planning in August.  First builds in September.

o        Project criteria to be worked on over the next month.  Projects will have to live up to the criteria to be on the train and will have to get on the train before the end of the year.

·         Standard Charter changes

o        Minor language changes to the standard charter were voted on:  These will go the Board next for ratification.  The purpose was to put all projects onto the standard charter for consistency in process.  DSDP is already on the standard charter.

·         IP Policy and Process Discussion

o        The council published a wish list of desired changes to the process.  The process must be reviewed by the Board, and the hope is that the process can be made simpler and more efficient for development.

o        Themes:  better transparency of what’s in the Foundation’s queue, shadowed CVS repositories to keep developers working on un-approved code while the process is underway, training for committers on the IP responsibilities.


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