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Re: [Dltk-dev] DLTK Release/Graduation Review follow up

On Monday 15 June 2009, Andrey Platov wrote:
> Hi Wayne,
> Thank you for summarizing action items. As for JavaScript and Python the
> situation is following:
> Python: there are no engineers working on Python component for more than
> year, and as a result it's featureless and unsupported. DLTK Core team just
> trying to keep it consistent to work with DLTK Core Frameworks changes, but
> do not evolve further.
> Python is the biggest concern: our company do not have resources to work on
> it, and I'm not sure there are people around (in the ecosystem) who would
> be interested to take over the project... So Python termination could be
> another option (definitively sad one).
> As for Move Review, thank you for comment and for +1 :), I'll add "the
> reason for move" slide shortly and send you for comments.

We are using the Python component, but we are a small startup company and 
don't have the resources to work on it ourselves. We would be interested in 
code completion for the Python component and debugging with Jython.

I would be interested to talk to other Python users about sharing the costs to 
sponsor infrastructure work like the aforementioned items.

Lothar Werzinger Dipl.-Ing. Univ.
Director of Technology
Tradescape Inc. - Enabling Efficient Digital Marketplaces
1754 Technology Drive, Suite 128
San Jose, CA 95110

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