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[cbi-dev] SWT Linux x86_64 natives build

Hi everyone,
I'm on my quest to get Linux x86_64 swt natives built 
There is hudson job for that [1].
For some reason the centos/hippcentos slaves doesn't even start the build [2]. My hudson-fu is not good enough to figure it out so I would appreciate some help with this as building on CentOS6 as current SWT natives builds are done on RHEL and thus for compatibility reasons I don't want to build on something else and introduce some ABI-incompatibility without noticing. Once we manage to startup the build on the CentOS slave it would be a matter of getting the proper devel packages installed. BTW, Denis I'm still waiting for your Eclipse Foundation RHN account.
For the sake of experimenting I tried building on master hudson node (NOTE: Even if this build finish as there are many unrelated things install on master this build might work on HIPP MASTER ONLY!). The build launches and gets to the point of building natives [3] but fails due to missing GL/glx.h (provided by mesa-libGL-devel on RH-based distros). 
This is supposed to be a proof of concept that building the natives is not a complicated job and everybody can have them build as part of their releng.aggregator build if having all devel packages installed and passing -Dnative=gtk.linux.x86_64 to maven.
Hope that there will be more people interested in driving this effort further and help. 


Alexander Kurtakov
Red Hat Eclipse team

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