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[cbi-dev] SWT/Launcher/Other natives build

First of all sorry for cross posting but I think it's better to start it that way and later continue in one place as I'm not sure all interested parties are subscribed to one of the lists and if yes which one.
Let's start the discussion about the way native parts of eclipse are built.
Recently we hit . What's more important is not the bug itself (some misalignement, misunderstandings, few failed builds aka nothing major) but what are we going to do to prevent it happening in the future. The software world is accelerating and it has it's consequences that we have to deal with - even if we have an agreement about min gtk version (2.18 for Mars) it seems to require certain amount of work to update builders and so on. Even this is not purely technical question as Denis has stated a will [1] to have launcher builds(swt too?) infra but this would mean having all OS/ARCH combos we currently provide builds for [2] available at foundation infrastructure, right? Or some other approach could be taken like infra getting access to such builders hosted by others? Or something else?
In any way, having the conversation ongoing and public would help finding the best road ahead as it would not be just a flip but an ongoing process till this is settled. And the longer finding a road ahead is delayed the more often we will be hit by similar to 459404 (404 being a coincidence I guess :) as the world becomes more and more dynamic.


Alexander Kurtakov
Red Hat Eclipse team

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