Web Tools Platform 1.0 M3 - New and Noteworthy

This milestone brought many improvements when working with XML, XSD, and WSDL files:


Improved As-You-Type Checking

In addition to syntax errors, XML and XML Schema validation errors can now be highlighted while you are editing. While editing XML or XML schema source, common validation errors are marked with underlining red "squiggles" so errors can be quickly spotted and corrected. This feature can be toggled through the preferences. Window -> Preferences -> General -> Editors -> Structured Text Editors -> Analyze annotations while typing.


XML Schema Component Refactoring

The initial refactoring support is available from source, outline and graph views and provided to:

Make anonymous types global

Make local elements global

Rename components

Refactoring updates are applied automatically; the ability to preview the changes before applying them is planned for a future milestone.

Simple and Anonymous types in the Properties view

An element's simple type or anonymous (local) simple type can be selected from the graph view. You can then modify the properties of the type in the properties view.

Fast type change

The type of an element can now be changed directly from a context menu. Users can choose to create a new Complex or Simple type for the element or choose one from among the known existing types.

Fast multiplicity change

The multiplicity of an element or content model may be chosen directly from a context menu. Specify values for minOccurs and/or maxOccurs may be set from the Properties view.

Assistance setting Schema location values

The schemaLocation property of an include, import, or redefine is editable.


Graphical WSDL Editor

A WSDL Editor is now available. Please see the WSDL Editor tutorials for more information.

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